Every door we make is unique & one of a kind. V&M has done a variety of iron doors, screen doors, glass iron doors, and wooden iron doors. I have done forged doors, custom made for residential and commercial properties. The most popular design are usually scrolls,  some modern iron doors usually contain floral designs.  […]



Balcony railings add a lot to the feel of one’s home. They can give the impression of a more open space, as they do in the curved railing above; or they can make an open space feel enclosed.  The most inviting part of any balcony is the view, however, and our goal is always to […]


V&M has done many decorative stair railings , we can do full iron stairs because it’s welded together, the one piece staircase adds a lot in terms of durability. We can make staircase railings, however, with a greater consideration of the rest of the house aesthetic. Outdoor iron works are particularly interesting because they need to be open […]


          These are the stair railings V&M  has done in San Jose, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill and other cities in the South Bay and Santa Clara County. The thumbnails don’t do the iron work justice, in the full size image you can see the railing has a pleasant woven aesthetic, with descending ornaments. We […]


  Gates are an especially large portion of the projects V&M does. We pay strict attention to the details, and V&M has been in this line of work long enough to make sure these otherwise distinct pieces of iron flow together. We have made sliding gates, motor gates, automatic gates, pedestrian gates, wooden iron gates, wrought […]


Custom tables make for a more finely tuned interior experience. V&M can make them to suit almost any need or decorative taste, and because they are more carefully built than mass produced tables, the quality will be superior, durable, and absolutely unique.  The pictures above demonstrate two separate tables I made for a larger iron works […]

Spiral Staircases

There are not a lot of ornamental iron workers in the San Jose area that can do spiral staircases. It requires an unusual high attention to detail, because of the size and curving nature of the metal. If you need work done on a spiral railing, I am willing and able, no matter how elaborate, […]


                                                  These are pictures collected from several ironwork jobs I’ve done around the bay area. I have noticed my clients tend to prefer the vines and grape decorative work, because it […]