V&M has done many decorative stair railings , we can do full iron stairs because it’s welded together, the one piece staircase adds a lot in terms of durability. We can make staircase railings, however, with a greater consideration of the rest of the house aesthetic. Outdoor iron works are particularly interesting because they need to be open and provide excellent viewing space, but they must also have some ornamental features all their own, to reward anyone willing to make a closer inspection.

Like everything we do, our stairs are custom made, and one of a kind. They vary in design by mixing components such as balusters, pickets, plates, shoes, casting, plaques, brackets, collars, inserts, etc.  Even the material ranges from cast iron, forged iron , wrought iron, hollow iron, solid iron, aluminum inserts, steel inserts, aluminum designs, steel designs, iron designs and even wood.

A beautiful mixture is wood and iron, which some customers like to be in their stair railing. The wood usually matches the wooden floor in the residence, and the iron color is usually black or the color of the wall.

The most basic stair railings we have made are hand rails, which coffer only two basic designs, lamb’s tounge or fist style ending.

V&M always follows the standard city code, so customers can be assured  they will be getting nothing but the best in quality and durability. We guarantee our work.