These are the stair railings V&M  has done in San Jose, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill and other cities in the South Bay and Santa Clara County. The thumbnails don’t do the iron work justice, in the full size image you can see the railing has a pleasant woven aesthetic, with descending ornaments. We have developed a very broad set of skills when it comes to ornamental railings. No matter your preference, V&M  can do just about anything. Even if the design is in a door, gate or even table we can still match any design or make a completely unique custom made one.
We have over 20 years of experience in crafting beautiful custom Iron Works of art

Railings are usually mixed with components to create a unique design and style. The tubing can be square or round, pickets can be hammered, twisted, with design inserts, with collars, and picket castings. Shoes, plates can be added, spears, caps and finals can also be added. Crowns, plaques, panels, corner castings, rosette all these items make the railings unique and one of a kind.
We offer a number of different materials from Wrought Iron to Stainless Steel