Balcony railings add a lot to the feel of one’s home. They can give the impression of a more open space, as they do in the curved railing above; or they can make an open space feel enclosed.  The most inviting part of any balcony is the view, however, and our goal is always to enhance rather than distract. That means we try to make a lot of open space in our iron works, and we make sure where the railing meets the ground or post it is secure but minimal.

The most popular balcony designs include twists, scrolls, belly style , and Juliet style balcony railings.  Wrought iron is usually the preferred material . However we can make just about any design in balcony railings.

Here in V&M we’ve dealt with basic balconies, small balconies, big balconies, decks, detail balconies with complex designs. Intricate with spindles, hand forged balusters, twisted balusters, forged flower panels, hollow railings, solid railings, basket railings, knuckle railings, scroll railings, hammered pickets, collars and so much more.